Helping Students Move From A Fixed Mindset To Growth Mindset:

Our mindset and what we think about our ability to learn new things, take on challenges and persevere, effects our success. As educators, what can we do to help foster success? In an interview with Education World, Carol Dweck says that we can help our students shift from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset.

“We have found with students of all ages, from early grade school through college,that the changeable view can be taught. Students can be taught that their intellectual skills are things that can be cultivated — through their hard work, reading, education, confronting of challenges, etc. When they are taught this, they seem naturally to become more eager for challenges, harder working, and more able to cope with obstacles. Researchers (for example, Joshua Aronson of the University of Texas) have even shown that college students’ grade point averages go up when they are taught that intelligence can be developed.” (Dweck)

Dweck has four simple steps to help change mindset:

1. Learn to hear your fixed mindset “voice.”

2. Recognize that you have a choice.

3. Talk back to it with a growth mindset voice.

4. Take the growth mindset action.

Teaching our students this strategy can help them recognized when they are engaged in a fixed mindset, realize they have a choice in what they believe, and that they can apply a growth mindset, and take action with it to take on the challenge, learn from your setbacks and try again, and hear criticism and act on it.

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