Confessions of an Introvert

Yep, I’m an introvert, and I’m okay. It has taken the better part of my life to accept it. Throughout my life I have been given messages – some directly and some more subtly by teachers, bosses, and certain “friends” that I need to be someone other than who I am. I’m really grateful to Susan Cain for starting the Quiet Revolution and changing the way educators and employers think about  introverted students and employees. It has made me think about the way I teach. I heed Cain’s first call to action to, “stop the madness for constant group work.” I can employ teaching strategies such as Think-Pair-Share, or implement the Flipped Classroom model, or use technology to help introverted students feel more comfortable. In Think-Pair-Share the teacher poses a question and gives the class some time to think about it before students discuss their thoughts in pairs and then finally with the whole class. Cain suggests that a lot of students, who might be reticent at first, will feel emboldened by having first discussed it with a partner. She also likes the Flipped Classroom model for introverts because students do a lot of the hard work on their own the night before, and then have the opportunity to engage one-on-one or in small groups with a teacher to resolve any remaining questions, without having to be faced with asking questions in front of an entire class. Last, but not least, using technology, such as a blog or online discussion forum, can create an arena where the same person who might not contribute in class might participate by writing a really interesting post or response to a classmate to join the virtual conversation. Introverts……go forth (quietly) an prosper! Peace. Out.



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