What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Plenty according to Tyler Hester. Love is his number one tip for better classroom management. Of his middle school students, he says, “Love them — and stand firmly against behavior that doesn’t meet your expectations or reflect their inner greatness. Too many students have internalized a profound sense of their own inadequacy, and it is incumbent upon us to remind them of their infinite value and counteract the many messages that they receive to the contrary. By loving our students unconditionally, we remind them of their true worth.”

Those feelings of inadequacy carry into adulthood and can be pervasive, preventing people from reaching their true potential, having rewarding  careers, productive relationships, and making positive contributions to their communities. As adult educators, it is important to love your students as well. Assume the best about each person, but also have high expectations for what they can achieve, coupled with a clear, well thought out plan on how to get them there. And, don’t forget to be encouraging along the way.

For the rest of Hester’s tips check out his article, 7 Tips for Better Classroom Management in Edutopia.



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