In this section you will find a listing of publications – books, articles, etc. – that relate to Adult Learning. You will also find my three reflections for PIDP 3100 – Trends in Adult Education, New Insights: Roles of the Instructor in Higher Education, and Web Conference with My Learning Partner. You can access them by hovering over “Resources” in the top banner of my blog.

Books, Articles, Etc. on Adult Learning

Dull, Charles, (2013) Three Technological Trends That Set the Tone for Higher Education’s Future The Evolllution, Illuminating the Life-Long Learning Movement. October 1, 2013.

Retrieved from:

New Media Consortium & EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative, (2013) The NMC Horizon Report: 2013 Higher Education Edition, 44 pages

Retrieved from:

Wang, Victor C.X. & Sarbo, L. (2004) Philosophy, Role of Adult Educators, and Learning: How Contextually Adapted Philosophies and the Situational Role of Adult Educators Affect Learners’ Transformation and Emancipation,  Journal of Transformative Education Vol. 2 No. 3, 204-214

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